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All the Answers You Seek In One Place

How does this all work?

We are  not a traditional CSA.  There's no commitment and you are NOT locked in, in any way.  In most cases, you pay nothing up front.  Although we do encourage you to stock up during the harvesting seasons, you pay as you go/need.  To get started, check out our "Products" page.  You will be presented with product options and more information regarding payments, processing dates and drop off locations.  We offer farm processed whole, half and quartered chicken, eggs, and pasture raised pork from Spring thru Fall. We offer Holiday Turkeys in the Fall and are expecting to offer Grass Fed Beef this year too!  Try us out!! 

Do you offer delivery services?

We would much rather have you visit us on the ranch to pick up your food so that you can see the farm in all its symbiotic glory. However, we understand everyone is busy.  We offer drop off spots in various locations mainly in South Central PA, but are also willing to deliver to our friends and family in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia area as well.  As we grow and learn, we hope to add more drop off locations.

What do you feed your animals?

We believe that creation is the template for how we are to feed our animals. In creation, cows eat grass; pigs forage through a wide range of grasses and woodlands; while chickens and turkeys eat bugs, grasses, and grains as they scratch their way from roost to roost.

We supplement our chickens, turkeys and pigs with locally grown Non-GMO feeds. We also offer the option of soy free as well.

When is the best time to get meat?

We typically start taking orders after the first of the year.  It takes time to raise meat and we're a small operation, so knowing how much interest we have is super helpful to us.  We recommend making your order early (late January, February) and expect to pick up in late Spring/ early Summer (May/June).   If you are looking to stock up for the winter, then I'd suggest making an order in the summer (June/July), with a pickup/delivery time of late Fall (Oct/Nov).   

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